Possible cheater named "whatzqq"

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Possible cheater named "whatzqq"

Post by tmo_24 » Thu 8. Aug 2019, 17:06

He/she follows heads way too well compared to his/her playtime. I watched a guy too with over 1k hrs in-game, tho not exactly on demo. They act completely different. The suspected cheater runs everywhere, spams walls and shoots into the door while he/she couldn't see anyone and still get a headshot.
A demo of how he/she acts during the game.
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Re: Possible cheater named "whatzqq"

Post by whatzqq » Thu 8. Aug 2019, 17:58

Hello tmo_24,

thanks for your request and your recording material.

We appreciate players, who want to make our servers to a better place without these damn cheaters.

Me and the other admins are going to check the demo asap.

We will give you an answer right after the decision about this player is done.

kind regards

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Re: Possible cheater named "whatzqq"

Post by SirArthurHarris » Fri 9. Aug 2019, 12:34

Hello tmo_24,

as you can see in the demo-file for example at around 0:50, there is no precision in pre-aiming. A good Wallhacker would not be surprised by people coming behind a box what "whatzqq" was for several times^^
Shooting trough walls (especially the wooden double-doors) is some kind of normal at DM. As VIP you get a hit-sound, that makes it easy to catch someone even if you can't see him.

But as my colleague said: Thank you for your attention to keep our servers clean from cheaters ;-)
Two things I want to tell you:
1. You can fix the camera in spec-mode with writing "/spec #ID" in chat, so you don't have to switch through all the time.
2. You can give us admins a call with "!admincall REASON" and we can check someone up. No direct response to an admincall in chat doesn't mean we're not there, we just want to get cheaters "inkognito".

So, again: Thank you for your efforts and have fun at our servers!
Best regards
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