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abusing admin rights

Posted: Sun 1. Dec 2019, 22:32
by shooter(r)
concerns: SirArthurHarris
this admin is abusing his rights: he plays with administrator rights, forbids voting on his behavior and annoys opponents and claims that this insults


Re: abusing admin rights

Posted: Sun 1. Dec 2019, 23:12
by SirArthurHarris
Good evening, shooter.

As you might know, there are logfiles. The logfiles prove that not me but another admin (RosenBritt) kicked and warned you about your bad behaviour.
This wasn't the first time you started to call others "cheaters", "noobs", etc and didn't stopped your bad mannings - even after admins warned you.

Now, as you know that there are logfiles, I'll tell you this: Every(!) ban/gag/etc. is proven by our main-admin and he will tell you that I (and other admins) did nothing wrong.

You should think about your behaviour before shouting about an admin abuse and go on with wrong accusations:

I don't forbid votebans against me, the server does.
I do not cheat, even if you say it nearly every time. If that's the way of annoying you: sorry.
I don't "claim" about insults, there is enough evidence about you and your insultings.

The problem for me is not that you insulted me. You do it to others as well or start unfounded admincalls for normal players.
That's your way of annoying me. And after being really patient with you, we tooked this step!

P.S.: Lucky for you that the demofile crashed - if you go on shooting on me in the same team and moving in my sight, be aware: you can get banned for this!

I wish you the wisdom to reflect your actions today and in the past.
Kindly regards

Re: abusing admin rights

Posted: Sun 1. Dec 2019, 23:21
by shooter(r)
I read your message carefully.
I think I can agree with you: I exaggerated. and I'm very sorry.

If it's possible please remove the ban - I'll try to control myself

PS 1. I don't know German and I don't know what you said to me.
2 I can't find who dug me


Re: abusing admin rights

Posted: Mon 2. Dec 2019, 00:29
by SirArthurHarris
The ban is already removed ;-)
You will only stay gagged for 2 days - maybe it's not the worst idea to train not getting in rage^^
After that you can use the chat again as usual.

Here ( ... id=&page=3) you can find the logfiles i was talking about.

I never was talking german to you cause i knew you don't understand german^^
What do you mean with "dug me"?

All I have to say:
I hope you will take this chance and behave more friendly with us (the admins) and the other players. 'Cause we ALL want servers free of cheaters and rude language and simply enjoy the game^^

See you soon^^
Best regards