Banned -_-

Du wurdest gebannt oder hast eine Demo eines Cheaters?

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Banned -_-

Post by KiLRoy »

Hello Guys, I hope you're doing well

It seems like all are sensitive to take a joke or to be just be competitive in the game so i'm banned from saying Hi to the server and it's permeant idk why because I was harsh all though a lot of the server members tend to talk shit as well but no one got banned but me :) . So I would like to ask you guys to kindly remove the ban and I promise I will not cross the boundaries again.

And stop being so soft please.

Thank you. :)
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Re: Banned -_-

Post by WackSo.Be »


I did warn you before to watch youre attitude, i dunno why some of you insist on pushing the boundries of the serverrules and behave like that.

Even here in youre msg to unban you, you seem bit passive aggressive...

Its up to the Admin that banned you, he was right to react after seeing the loggs. ... 4/49051904

Following rules has nothing to do with being soft, its a matter of Respect!

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Re: Banned -_-

Post by Bi@ »

hello, you will be gagged. you didn't say just one, but several racist and very very offensive words. beautiful and good insults.
Q Here it is not allowed to have this attitude, I don't know what you are used to but not here. Greetings
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Re: Banned -_-

Post by Honey-Mom »

Hi KiLRoy,

there is no ban. You are still allowed to play on our servers.
One admin blocked you to use our chatfunction cause you was using a forbidden word (N*gg*).
That's the reason we had to react. At the moment there is no chance to remove this gag.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards
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