Why lock.... read this and good bye

Du wurdest gebannt oder hast eine Demo eines Cheaters?

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Why lock.... read this and good bye

Post by EliTe »

Well first off all, thank you Honey-Mom to have looked the demo

But it is not nice to lock the thread without let me answer though.

Anyway, you are both mistaking and you're just proving that despite many hours playing the game, you don't understand it.
Source TV negate the recoil. Learned that on my competitite time in the game more than 15 year ago.
I can't help but feel sad to all the poor people you banned on the asumption that they had some program to help them control recoil, while watching them on the source TV. Watch yourself on the SOURCETV, you also have no recoil.... will you ban yourselves ?
Anyway: nobody watched this https://filetransfer.io/data-package/ACUmOe9e#link recorded POV, not source tv, recoil is present and i still punches some faces.
Despite doing my best to prove that i am not a cheater, i am still banned, but i have to post this very last message on the forum because i have to claim my innocence.

You will never see me again on your servers.... As i don't have any other account, i do not need to, i am clean ;)

Wish you the best, don't forget to use you time playing to get better, and try not to ban innocent people so easily next time!

Have fun,
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